About Us

Torokami was founded by two weebs/gamers who finally took their love for anime and games to the next level.


We started this company wanting to contribute never seen before designs to the anime community. During the year of heavily focusing on anime inspirations we realized that the selection for subtle and stylish anime clothes are growing in popularity among many brands, which made us extremely happy! However, this made us realize that there still isn’t apparel that satisfied our love for our equally important hobby, gaming.


So we’re taking a break from anime to focus on creating unique and stylish apparel for gamers so they too can finally get the finest selection of gaming inspired goods they deserve.


Cool anime inspired clothes are a norm now and we want to make a breakthrough like that for the gaming community too. It’s just the two of us at Torokami, but with everyone’s overwhelming love and support we strongly believe that this is possible. Let’s continue the quest to make cool gaming apparel together!


Anson & Helen